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10 Camping Essentials

Camping Tent Outdoors at Night

Camping is all about getting back to the basics, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely rough it. If you’re planning to do some camping in Chestnut Hill this May or later in the summer, consider adding these supplies to your arsenal. There’s a wealth of camping equipment available to enhance your enjoyment of the great outdoors. These items will improve your next trip in the following areas:

  • Storage
  • Hygiene
  • Privacy
  • Comfort
  • Fun

Inflatable tents make easy work of setting up camp. This foolproof solution will save you time and headaches, allowing you to start the fun right away. Fires can be another source of frustration. If lighting a candle is the closest you usually get to starting a fire, a solar fire starter could be a real life-saver on your 2015 camping trips. Once you get your fire going, why not make it more entertaining? Add fire crystals and transform your flames into a colorful light show.

Pot cooking outdoors above fire

If there’s anything we miss from our routines when we hit the wilderness, a nice shower comes in second to that morning macchiato. The Pocket Shower lets you experience an eight-minute warm shower in even the most primitive conditions. Since there’s nothing better than a fresh change of clothes after a shower, the Scrubba Portable Washing Machine will come in handy on your excursions in the Chestnut Hill area. A portable sink can easily handle your other grooming tasks.

In 2015, few households go through life without smoothies. A battery-powered cordless blender ensures your enjoyment of everything from daiquiris to your favorite breakfast drink this May. A portable kitchen, complete with stove, is well-equipped to handle the rest of your culinary needs. And a propane coffeemaker could mean the difference between happy campers and grumpy ones.

From good eats to tents for your pets, you’ll find everything you need in 2015 to keep your camping trips in the Chestnut Hill area from going south. This May, get out and enjoy time with friends and family with those little comforts that make roughing it a little smoother.

Camping is great way to be one with nature. Do you have a favorite camping destination near Chestnut Hill that you don’t mind sharing with Hammond Pond Dental Group? We love to hear from you. Please share with us in our comment section below.

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