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10 Easy Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Fall Themed Decorations and Silverware in Chestnut Hill, MA

You don’t have to host a decorating show to create the perfect holiday decor. The 2015 winter holidays just got a little easier with our DIY tips! This November, enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you have holiday decorating covered.

  • Incorporate vintage
  • Go eclectic
  • Defy tradition

Something Old, Something New
This November, try mixing contemporary and vintage elements. Shop Chestnut Hill antique stores and online auctions for a few vintage pieces to add visual interest, personality and warmth. Start with these ideas:

1. Steamer trunks for storing guest linens
2. Pretty serving pieces for your holiday table
3. Vintage decorations and antique books to stack on shelves

Christmas Candles and Decorations in Chestnut Hill, MA

Mix Up Your Decorating Style
Make the 2015 holiday season your time to shine as a DIY decorator! You may be known for your Victorian Christmas ornaments or your mid-century modern furniture. Even if you’ve never strayed from your decor of choice, though, consider trying something a little different this November. Start small — think the following:

4. Candlesticks
5. Bookends
6. Centerpieces
7. Throw pillows

If you like the way those pieces from another decorating style look in your space, congratulations! You’ve just expanded your decorating horizons. If not, you haven’t lost much by gambling on a few inexpensive items.

Color Outside the Lines
For some of us, holiday decorating is defined by a strict set of rules. If you’ve been using the same decorations for years, your decor may benefit from a little decorating disobedience. Go with your gut; browse Pinterest or your favorite Chestnut Hill craft or home goods store for inspiration. Give these ideas a try:

8. Go with a new color scheme
9. Opt for seasonal decorating vs. holiday-specific
10. Replace traditional pieces with anything that strikes your fancy

However you decide to shake up your holiday decorating scheme, we think you’ll have a great time preparing for Winter 2015. Whether you hit the Chestnut Hill housewares and vintage stores or craft your own holiday accents, this November is sure to be a festive one.

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