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5 Steps for Preventing Tooth Loss

No one ever wants to lose a tooth, but there may be some things that we do each day that increase our risk of tooth loss. Whether they are incidental or just neglect, here are 5 things to keep in mind when you’re committed to enjoying healthy teeth for life in Chestnut Hill:

Athletic Mouth Guard

Wear an Athletic Mouth Guard
Accidents during sporting or athletic activities often result in severe dental trauma. A high percentage of sports injuries impact the face and teeth! Wearing a guard not only prevents tooth damage, but also reduces the chance of suffering from a concussion at the same time.

Don’t Take Gum Disease Lightly
The biggest cause of tooth loss is gum disease. Unfortunately gum disease creeps up unexpectedly without many people realizing it. If you have gums that bleed when you brush or floss, you probably have some form of gum disease. Dedicated oral hygiene reverses early gingivitis within two weeks. If symptoms persist, it’s time to come by our office.

Treat Tooth Decay Early
Cavities are best treated when they are small, making restorations minimally invasive. Waiting until they hurt or are much bigger will mean more complex treatment needs. Waiting too late will mean nothing is left to do other than have the tooth pulled.

Glasses of Water

Drink Lots of Water
Tap water contains fluoride, which strengthens your tooth enamel. Drinking water frequently throughout the day also cleanses your teeth by washing away acids.

Have Dental X-Rays Taken Annually
Dental x-rays can show us things that aren’t visible clinically. Abscesses, fractured roots and bone loss are examples. Regular x-rays can help prevent problems from going undiagnosed.

Hammond Pond Dental Group is committed to helping you keep your natural teeth for life. Schedule your preventive care visit with us today!

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