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Can a Dentist Help Me Manage Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea help from dentist

Did you know that managing your sleep apnea might be as simple as a trip to the dentist?

Depending on the type of sleep apnea that you have, a consultation with a dentist can actually help. At Hammond Pond Dental Group, many of our Chestnut Hill patients have said goodbye to cumbersome CPAP machines and hello to a more restful night’s sleep – in as quickly as one day.

How it Happens

Obstructive sleep apnea may be caused by the way the soft tissues at the back of your mouth come together. If your jaw is too far back, or your tongue slips into a position that seals itself against the soft palate or esophagus, your airway is blocked. This creates tossing and turning (and even teeth grinding) as your body fights for oxygen.

For some of our patients, we’re able to open the airway and prevent soft tissue collapse, so that you’re able to continue breathing as you sleep. The oxygen flow isn’t cut off.

How it Works

Our Chestnut Hill dentists work with your sleep physician or order a sleep study to determine what type of sleep apnea you have. If obstructive sleep apnea is due to your oral anatomy, or you’re CPAP intolerant, we’ll create a custom appliance for you to wear when you sleep.

The oral appliance guides your lower jaw forward, as well as your tongue. This prevents soft tissues from blocking your oxygen flow when you sleep. You can see results as quickly as the first night. In fact, some of our patients are able to completely get rid of their CPAP equipment.

To find out if a custom fitted oral appliance can help you sleep better at night, call Hammond Pond Dental Group today.

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