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Oral Hygiene Tips for Expecting Mothers

Expecting pregnant woman holding handsWhen you’re pregnant, it’s important to take care of yourself for both you and your new baby. That also includes taking care of your smile! Your oral health can have a tremendous impact on your pregnancy, delivery, and health of your child. After all, pregnant women who have active gum disease are much more likely to go into labor prematurely, and deliver babies that have a low birth weight. Here are a few tips from Hammond Pond Dental Group to keep in mind for your smile throughout pregnancy:

Dental Flossing DiagramFloss Daily
If you have gum disease, that bacteria can spread through your mouth, into your bloodstream and ultimately to your baby. Cleaning below your gumlines is an important part of battling gingivitis and gum infections. Wrap the floss tightly around your tooth, rubbing it up and down below the gumlines several times. Then, go to the next tooth. If flossing triggers bleeding or irritation – keep it up. Those symptoms mean that something is wrong. With good oral hygiene, bleeding will usually go away after 2 weeks of daily flossing.

Chew Gum with Xylitol
Studies show that women who consume xylitol throughout their pregnancy are setting their child up for dental success down the road. These children, as well as their mothers, typically have less tooth decay. You can find xylitol in drop form from your local health food store, or even easier – pick up a pack of xylitol gum while you’re standing in the checkout lane at your supermarket.

See Your Dentist Regularly
At Hammond Pond Dental Group we recommend scheduling a preventive visit with us during your pregnancy planning, and early on in pregnancy. We can help you create a healthy environment that limits your bacterial exposure. If any dental needs such as cavities are noted, we will address those as well.

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