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Am I At Risk for Oral Cancer?

Diagram of the 8-step oral cancer screening

The 8-Step Oral Cancer Screening

Hammond Pond Dental Group takes oral cancer very seriously. It is a dangerous, deadly disease that captures thousands of victims every year throughout the United States. One of the most common misconceptions about the disease is that you can only get it if you smoke or have other risk factors such as drinking alcohol. The truth is, even the healthiest people may develop oral cancer and there are important steps you need to take in order to prevent yourself from having it destroy your life.

Common risk factors can increase your susceptibility to developing oral cancer. Some of them include sun exposure, viruses, and of course alcohol or tobacco use.

Hammond Pond Dental is committed to screening for oral cancer on all of our patients, regardless of their health history. This helps us identify early signs of precancerous tissues while treatment is easier to achieve.

Symptoms to Look For
Typical symptoms of cancerous and precancerous oral tissues include areas inside of the lips, cheeks, floor of mouth, palate or surfaces of the tongue that are:

  • Red
  • White
  • Have sores that do not heal
  • Raised
  • Feature irregular borders
  • Appear different than tissues on the opposite side of the mouth
Oral Tissues Drawing

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

During your visit to Hammond Pond Dental, our dentists will thoroughly examine your head, neck and intraoral tissues for signs of bumps or abnormalities. If irregular tissues are noted, we may choose to see you for a follow up to monitor their progress or we will recommend a small biopsy. Biopsies can be examined under a microscope for pathological cells.

Our Chestnut Hill, MA dental office is committed to enriching your overall health, not just the health of your teeth. If it’s been a year or more since your last dental check-up, then you’re overdue for an oral cancer screening. Call Hammond Pond Dental today for the peace of mind that your family deserves.

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